Unit PNG Fix & IE PNG Fix - 解决IE6下PNG透明问题


Unit PNG Fix

Waaaaah! Waaaaaah! You hear that? That’s IE6 whining about how you should be using an obtuse “filter” attribute, causing all those nice, pretty pngs on your page to go whacky. Fortunately for you, we got just the thing to shut it up. Give it just the tiniest dose of our Unit PNG Fix and bask in the the glorious phosphoresence of your png images once again! While this is not the only png fix out there (in fact, it was inspired by Drew McLellan’s supersleight), here’s why it will be the last one you need to download:

  • Very compact javascript: Under 1kb!
  • Fixes some interactivity problems caused by IE’s filter attribute.
  • Works on img objects and background-image attributes.
  • Runs automatically. You don’t have to define classes or call functions.
  • Allows for auto width and auto height elements.
  • Super simple to deploy.

Demo | 下载地址:http://labs.unitinteractive.com/downloads/unitpngfix.zip

IE PNG Fix也是一个类似的解决方案:

This script adds near-native PNG support with alpha opacity to IE 5.5 and 6. Now you can have full translucency and no more ugly grey borders! It requires only one line in your CSS file, and no changes to your website HTML. <IMG> tags and background images are both supported.

Demo | 下载地址:http://www.twinhelix.com/css/iepngfix/iepngfix.zip



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